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The ‘Three Legged Dog’ is the new sex position couples are LOVING – would you try it? – Daily Star

Daily Star

The 'Three Legged Dog' is the new sex position couples are LOVING – would you try it?
Daily Star
Couples are getting very creative with sex positions this year. Earlier this month, we revealed how Queening and the 68 can spice up your love life. And once you've mastered those, you may want to give the “three legged dog” a go.

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Fulham escorts new classification of girl

I have to admit that I am a bit confused about Fulham escorts of new classification of girls. They have just changed their web site, and now it says bad girls and good girls. It always used to say blondes or brunettes. I have to say that I have been out of town for a while, and this no classification has really got me going. Last night, I asked for the company of a good girl, and ended up with a girl who was a really bad girl. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, we had a really good time together.

It seems that I am not the only gent who is a bit confused about this new classification from Fulham escorts of A friend of mine asked for a bad girl. Sure enough she turned up, but my friend said that this girl wasn’t bad. She was naughty. The young lady, who was only going to be a little bit bad it said, was very naughty with my friend and brought him pleasures which he did not expect. Once again, it sounds like my friend did enjoy himself. The proof is in the pudding, and he has arranged another date with his naughty friend.

I have to say that I have arranged a date with my good girl turned bad as well. We had such an amazing time together that I just have to experienced her again. I think that if you are really into dating hot girls, you should try this new service from Fulham escorts. It sounds like the agency is onto something, and maybe it is about time that we do indeed throw away the rule book an do something totally different. Maybe all escorts should be classified as bad girls or good girls.

But, what else do we have? Quite clearly Fulham escorts have some very naughty girls as well. Maybe the agency should add a section for naughty girls as well before they roll the program out. It would be nice to have a bit of an advance warning just in case the girl, or girls, that you are with turn out to be naughty. What of this happens if you are in the Savoy? After all, you don’t want to end up embarrassing fellow or guests? Worst still, you might be sitting in the grill when the girls decide to be naughty. What would you do then?

Maybe it is still best to date Fulham escorts behind closed doors. Then, if a good girl goes bad, or of a bad girls gets naughty, you don’t have to worry so much. In the future, I think that I will be enjoying all of my dates on an incall basis. If I end up with a naughty or bad girl, I think I would rather to that back at her place just in case we make too much noise. I don’t know what naughty girls, and I think that I have better clarify the status of the girls before I make my next incall.

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Would you like to have fun with Southall escorts tonight?


So many guys spend time on their own and do not have any company in Southall. If you are without a sexy companion tonight, I want you to know that we are right here. The girls at the escort agency here in Southall are ready to keep you company at anytime, and I can think of many exciting things that you could together with the girls. It is all too easy to say that there is no one special out there for you but that would not be right at all.

One of the guys that I date at Southall escorts used to do just that. He used to think that there was not a companion for him, but he now comes to see me several times per week. We have great fun behind closed doors, but that is not the only thing that we do. Alan is a very busy guy, and he likes to go out for drinks and stuff like that. It goes without saying that going out on your own is not a lot of fun, it is always best to go out with a sexy companions or two.

The girls here at Southall escorts know that guys have different tastes and that is why we like to make sure that we provide as many services as possible. For instance, you may want to be a  really greedy boy and date two hot beauties. Duo dating has come along way in recent years and now it is just as popular as dating on a personal basis. We have to sexy duo teams standing by for your pleasure at the agency, and we are sure that you will love meeting them.

If you are not inot duo dating, you can also enjoy a bit of role play with Southall escorts. The girls here at Southall escorts from love to play and are always coming up with new ideas. Perhaps you would like Snow white and be one of her wicked dwarfs. There are so many fun things that you can do at the agency, and you should never be worried about putting forward your own ideas. I am sure that you have hidden desires that we can deal with on a personal basis.

Setting up a date with Southall escorts is easy. I would recommend that you take your time and do not rush through that web site. We have so many lovely hot and sexy companions for you to meet, so I think that it is better that you take your time. The girls here at the agency will be here, and you can meet us on an outcall or incall basis. If you want to meet for the first time in a pub or restaurant that is fine as well. We know that many of our guys are a bit shy, and that they do not want to meet us at home for the first time. No problem, we meet wherever you would like.

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Marrying at 21 with a London escort

All of us experience love, and it is the most beautiful feeling to feel. Every one of us wants to have a beautiful and lovely family.  Love is a feeling that gives us true happiness in life. Many couples have proved that love gives them everlasting joy in life. When you love a person, always show them how much you love and care. It is because if your partner feels loved and wanted it gives them an idea that you are sincere and real with them. Showing affection has an impact on your relationship; your partner feels secured and less chance of break-up. The next phase of the relationship is marriage, this kind of connection means you have more significant responsibilities and commitment. People engage in marriage because of too much desire to be with the person forever and live together. Many people say that there is a right age for every wedding. It is because of when you are in the right age, you are fully mature and can handle real life. According to studies, generations are starting 25 – 30 are the best time to get married. But make sure when planning marriage, you must have a stable work to sustain your family needs since in most cases of marital problems is financial. Don’t be pressured by what you hear and what you see, don’t get married just because of the idea of being married, married when you are fully ready.


When I was still a kid, I wonder how it feels to get married and how it affects us. I used to admire the relationship with my parents since they the love and care are still there. I can see the sweetness towards each other, and how they treat themselves through the years. I can see my dad, how he took care of mom is like they were young and new. My father always reminds me to pick a woman that will keep your heart beats faster when you see her. A woman that can able to see your worth and love you even in your worsts time.


At that moment, I keep it in mind and remember it through the years. After graduation, I am 21 at that moment and celebrated my graduation in London as my parents allow me so. I have stayed for a month there and chilled myself since I’ll be working next stage of my life, but I never thought I would found the person that would change my life forever. Her name is Clarice, and she works as a London escort. She is pretty and loves her attitude. We had a relationship for few months and decided to marry her with the little I have and marry an Escort in London at the age of 21.

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