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Posted by on Jun 25, 2018 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

Marrying at 21 with a London escort

All of us experience love, and it is the most beautiful feeling to feel. Every one of us wants to have a beautiful and lovely family.  Love is a feeling that gives us true happiness in life. Many couples have proved that love gives them everlasting joy in life. When you love a person, always show them how much you love and care. It is because if your partner feels loved and wanted it gives them an idea that you are sincere and real with them. Showing affection has an impact on your relationship; your partner feels secured and less chance of break-up. The next phase of the relationship is marriage, this kind of connection means you have more significant responsibilities and commitment. People engage in marriage because of too much desire to be with the person forever and live together. Many people say that there is a right age for every wedding. It is because of when you are in the right age, you are fully mature and can handle real life. According to studies, generations are starting 25 – 30 are the best time to get married. But make sure when planning marriage, you must have a stable work to sustain your family needs since in most cases of marital problems is financial. Don’t be pressured by what you hear and what you see, don’t get married just because of the idea of being married, married when you are fully ready.


When I was still a kid, I wonder how it feels to get married and how it affects us. I used to admire the relationship with my parents since they the love and care are still there. I can see the sweetness towards each other, and how they treat themselves through the years. I can see my dad, how he took care of mom is like they were young and new. My father always reminds me to pick a woman that will keep your heart beats faster when you see her. A woman that can able to see your worth and love you even in your worsts time.


At that moment, I keep it in mind and remember it through the years. After graduation, I am 21 at that moment and celebrated my graduation in London as my parents allow me so. I have stayed for a month there and chilled myself since I’ll be working next stage of my life, but I never thought I would found the person that would change my life forever. Her name is Clarice, and she works as a London escort. She is pretty and loves her attitude. We had a relationship for few months and decided to marry her with the little I have and marry an Escort in London at the age of 21.

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