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Posted by on Dec 5, 2016 in Dating, Relationships, Uncategorized | 0 comments

How to turn a girl on

Some guys really don’t know how to turn a girl on. The other Friday I had a night out with the girls from Colchester escorts and these guys tried to chat up as up. They were trying to tell us that they worked for some fancy bank in the City of London and was making a fortune when it came to trading stock and shares. Well, we date a lot of guys who genuinely do that and we know all about it. They don’t often brag and treat a lady totally different.


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The fist thing that you should know when you try to chat a lady up or turn her on, is that you should not lie to her. Most women have very good instincts and can tell a liar a mile away. I have been in many situations where men have lied to me and I have been able to sniff them out within seconds. It is such a turn off. It is something that I am not really happy to put up with so now I tell the guys most of the time. They are a bit taken back but it works out for me. Most of the time none of the guys that I date at Colchester escorts lie to me.

What is this thing about not having regular showers? The guys that we met the other Friday did not smell nice at all. If you are a City trader and meet lots of people, you probably do your utmost to smell nice. But it is not only the guys that we met the other Friday. For some reason a lot of guys seem to have forgotten about their hygiene these days and it is really not very nice at all. I have had a couple of guys turn up recently at Colchester escorts and they have not smelt nice. You have no excuse guys, try to smell nice.

Being in a hurry is another thing that does not turn a girl on. I have noticed that some of my dates at Colchester escorts have started to turn up earlier. It seems like they think that they are the only gents in my life. That is not true at all and I see a lot of other gents at Colchester escort services. Don’t try to bang on my door before your time because I may be busy with another date. As a matter of fact, I think that it is rather rude and I would not do that to you if you want an outcall from me.

If you want to chat up a girl and turn a girl on, you need to be nice and respectful. Telling porky pies, poor hygiene and rushing a lady will not do that at all. I like a man with a slow hand and I am sure that many of the other girls at Colchester escorts appreciate that as well. After all, would you like to be rushed? Most gents do not want to rushed as they hate the way it makes them feel. Above all, smile when you speak to a lady and listen to what she has to say. That is something all girls really appreciate and I am sure that you would like us to listen to you.

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