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Posted by on Nov 23, 2016 in Dating, Love, Our Services, Relationships, Sex | 0 comments

7 Natural Ways For Men To Increase Their Sex Drive

7 Natural Ways For Men To Increase Their Sex Drive

In our busy and stressful modern world, it is normal for men to experience a decreased sex drive, especially as they age. A decreased sex drive can mean having sex less often and for shorter periods of time, leaving men and their partners dissatisfied and unhappy. Fortunately, there are some quick and easy natural solutions that will help to kick start a man’s sex drive, and bring satisfaction back to the bedroom.

Stay in Shape

Obesity and belly fat will lower a man’s testosterone, which is the main source of a man’s sex drive. Studies show that obese men have less than 50% of the testosterone of their peers with normal weight. Even worse, low testosterone helps to drive obesity, meaning there is a vicious cycle of hormone imbalance and weight gain.

Sleep 8 Hours

Testosterone can drop as much as 15% when nightly sleep is reduced below 8 hours for as little as one week. Sleep is one of the most important ingredients in a healthy sex life, so be sure that you are getting enough of it.

Avoid Harmful Toxins

Many toxic chemicals are found in small amounts in personal care products and plastic bottles. While these toxins may not be harmful to your health overall, they can lower your testosterone. Avoid drinking from plastic bottles and buy only green, all-natural products for your bathroom.

Get Some Relaxation Time

Being busy and stressed may seem manly, but it will actually kill testosterone production faster than almost anything else that you can do. Not only is relaxing simple and easy to do, but it is also enjoyable for several other reasons. There is no excuse for not making a little relaxation a part of your lifestyle, and it will provide one of the biggest natural boosts to your sex drive.

Eat Fish Oil

Fish oils will lower inflammation, and lower inflammation means higher levels of testosterone production. Fish oil also helps to promote the cells that carry testosterone around the body, which makes it even more effective at boosting your sex drive naturally. Fish oils are also just plain good for you, and a clear majority of people do not eat nearly enough.

Eat Your Vitamins

Vitamins E and A, as well as selenium and zinc, are great for boosting the production of testosterone. Most modern diets are poor in these and other essential nutrients, so you can either eat better or add supplements to your existing diet.

Enjoy the Sun

The easiest and quickest natural sex drive booster is just to simply get more time in the sun. Sunlight provides you with much-needed vitamin D, which will boost your sex drive and your overall health, as well as make you feel more energized and positive.

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